Scalextric Hire Explained

Scalextric Hire From Viva Vegas


One of our most popular offerings for 2013 has been our Giant 8-Lane Scalextric Package. Perfect for adults and kids it proves popular at a whole host of events; corporate events, promotional and product launches, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and more.



This article is here to explain just what to expect from our Scalextric Hire Package. It isn’t simply a case of turning up and letting people loose on the track. We look to provide clients with a well structured experience which brings the competitive side out of our guests.


With 8 lanes on the go, things can get messy! High speed racers often send their cars flying off the track whilst the more conservative racers never go fast enough to win. The key to a successful race is to discover an optimum speed for the straights and learn how to slow down enough to handle the tight bends, much like driving a real racing car.


The most successful drivers tend to be in the central lanes. The corners are not as tough, whereas the corners on the outside and inside lanes are very tight so require less speed to stay on the track.


Surely that’s unfair? I hear you say. Not to worry. Our F1 track marshals dressed for the occasion in F1 clothing ensure that every guest has an equal amount of races on all the cars. We start guests off on the red slot car. This car is a middle lane car and is a good grounding for learning just how fast you can take a car around our track. Guests then work their way around the track racing each of the 8 cars once.


If guests want another turn they simply cue up behind the red car to re-enter the track.


Our in-built computerised start and finish timing system allows us to record individual times. As guests look to improve on their own times throughout the night we have a record of the top 8 fastest times. At the end of the evening these top 8 racers are invited back for the final where we crown the top 3 racers on our winners podium.


We tend to give guests 6 laps on each car, but this can all be tailored to suit.


Throughout the night race times are monitored via a laptop connected to the track. The leader-board is projected onto a plasma screen next to the track to allow guests to view their own progress and the times they register throughout the course of a racing session. If you prefer the more traditional way of recording times we can also show times on our Top Gear themed leader-board.


Want to dress the occasion? We have a large stock of F1 Final Lap flags and bunting as well as the opportunity to have branded hoardings. Our slot cars are unbranded which means we can source stickers for the cars to suit your next product launch or branding experience.


Perfect for bond nights is our Aston Martin DB5 slot car which goes down a storm.


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